Getting organic material onto the land has always been at the top of our list, we use to use a lot of chicken manure, but since the closure of the 3 local chicken farms it’s become more difficult to get a supply of quality manure, since the biogas plant has been running we have always been able to put the amount required for the crop but still keep within the NVZ regulations.

Most of our fertilizer is organic emanating from the biogas plant as a liquid digestate, which is applied mainly in the spring, either in the seed bed or on the growing crop. The solid fraction which comes from the plant is applied to fields in the autumn, prior to a winter cover crop.

We use a Ktwo bio spreader with weigh cells to accurately deliver the required amount per ha.




Below we have our Veenhuis 30m3 tanker with 36m booms and our latest addition is the NIR sensor on it, which allows it to record all of the elements that go past it e.g. dry matter, Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Potassium. We can also set the spreader to only spread to a limit of a product per ha.


Top up of Nitrogen is done with our trailed fertiliser box

John Deere with Fertilser box